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field star wood hex sign

This field star hex sign celebrates the vibrant colors of field, sky, and land. Beautiful displayed over a green field, or in a backyard garden. The sign is available in 22″, 33″ and 44″ diameter sizes. The main photo shows the 44″ size.

We craft the signs of solid pine and fir here at Summerdog Farm, and hand-paint them with high-quality exterior paint. They are sturdy and built to last.

To make shipping more affordable, we ship the signs in multiple pieces. Assembling them is straightforward. All of the hardware is stainless steel, to prevent rusting. Nylon cord is included for hanging the signs. All sizes are 1.75″ in depth, including the depth of the board (.75″) and the depth of the supports at the back (1″).

We make most of the signs to order, and they take about a week to prepare.

Email us at to initiate a custom order, such as a change in color or pattern.