Our Story

Summerdog began when our family moved to a farm on the eastern plains of Boulder County, Colorado in 2009. The buildings, which date from the early 1900’s, were in disrepair. The farmhouse was sinking into a crumbling rock foundation and the barn had not been used for years. The roofs had rotted away on the silage pit and workshed. Still, the place had a magical feeling, with the Rocky Mountains in the distance, woody thickets edging irrigation ditches at the back of the pasture, and deep roots in local history. A round hex hung on the barn, a folk sign promising luck, love, and abundance. So we started, with great enthusiasm and ignorance, to bring the place back to life and create Summerdog Farm.

What we discovered on the farm is a way of living that honors the past by updating it for the future. Living on Summerdog Farm showed us that the people who came before us, and built and fixed structures that lasted over a century, were getting by with the skills, tools, and materials they had at hand. So when we set at restoration, we did so with the same spirit of self-reliance.

Summerdog the company grew out of our experience. Through it we share our love of timeless design and beautifully worn goods, and an appreciation of everyday joys, imagination, experimentation, and sustainability. We offer sturdy vintage finds with simple, natural designs that feel thoroughly modern, new household essentials made with the quality of heirlooms, and handmade and one-of-a kind items influenced by folk arts. We believe that possessions should be valued for how long they last and how little environmental impact they have.