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Our Story

Summerdog began when our family – Ricky, Cecelia, Izzy, and our summer-loving dogs – moved to a farm on the eastern plains of Boulder County, Colorado in 2009. The buildings, which date from the early 1900’s, needed many repairs. The farmhouse was sinking into a crumbling rock foundation and the barn had not been used for years. Still, the place had a magical feeling, with the Rocky Mountains in the distance, a pasture edged by woody thickets, and deep roots in local history. A small wood hex sign hung on the barn, promising luck, love, and abundance.

We’ve worked to bring the farm back to life and to establish a business that honors the history of the farm and our commitment to sustainability. The world of Summerdog includes the farm itself, where we raise produce, tend goats, chickens, and bees, and make good things to eat;  a line of vintage household items; and a line of handmade wooden and textile goods. Our products are offered through the on-site Summerdog Market in Boulder, CO, open on Saturdays during the warmer months, the website, and Etsy shops.

All of our endeavors have sustainability at the core. For example:

  • Although the farm is not yet organic certified, we use organic methods and pest controls.
  • Inspired by the hex sign that welcomed us to the farm, we developed a line of traditional and new hex sign designs. They are made from solid pine, sourced from companies that have policies that protect endangered environments, and use either low-VOC exterior paint or non-toxic milk paint. We waste as little as possible, and make bird figures and small goods from wood scraps. 
  • We sew our line of textiles from locally sourced 100% cotton upcycled fabric. 
  • Our vintage line includes wonderfully functional, beautiful goods that have many years of service left. We love offering them since each vintage purchase reduces the need for new manufacturing and the pollution that goes along with it.

We are committed to reducing plastic use and are lucky to have a local company, EcoEnclose, that provides us with green options for shipping, including plastic-free shipping labels, green wrap, and tape. Read more about our sustainability challenges here.

For us, Summerdog the company has been an opportunity to constantly imagine, experiment, and create. We hope you enjoy enjoy exploring our world as much as we do!