starry hex sign

Make your barn a star

Explore solid wood hex signs, handmade here at Summerdog.

For wherever you need a little shine, indoors or out.


Keeping it Earth-friendly: our products, packaging, and shipping materials contain little to no plastic.

The kitchen checklist: functional, sustainable, beautiful

Gently restored vintage rolling pins and dough bowls.

Sturdy, hand-painted pottery mixing bowls.

Meet your future heirlooms. 

dough bowl

About The Farm

Yes, there’s a real farm behind Summerdog Farm and Mercantile! We raise dairy goats and chickens, and lots of different vegetables.

The farm is the inspiration for our business. Every day, we experience the challenges of sustainability, and see beautiful design in the natural world. We’ve learned to treasure and mend the worn, grubby, wonderful tools and buildings that were used and repaired and used again, for generations.

We love the way that vintage items reflect a history of work and care, and are committed to reusing and re-purposing to avoid the environmental cost of new manufacturing.

 At Summerdog we offer vintage and upcycled goods with a modern sensibility and new, sustainably produced items that share their timeless spirit.